Terminal Gate Prices (Wholesale)

Terminal Gate Prices (Wholesale)

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(Wholesale price for bulk purchase at the terminal)

Please use the following link to see daily data on the average Terminal Gate Price (TGP) for unleaded petrol and diesel for Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin and Hobart.

Historical ULP and Diesel TGP data is available for download as an Excel spreadsheet:

For facts about Australian TGPs please go to:

TGP information has been prepared by ORIMA Research Pty Ltd on behalf of the Australian Institute of Petroleum. The data is based on information provided by BP, Caltex, Viva Energy Australia and ExxonMobil. Prices shown are the average TGP for unleaded petrol and diesel across each of these companies for the day.

For retail (pump) prices for unleaded petrol and diesel in locations across Australia please go to: