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24 Aug 2004
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The Australian Institute of Petroleum today welcomed delegates to Spillcon 2004, the premier Marine Oil Spill Response conference in the Southern Hemisphere.

The conference is sponsored by the Australian Marine Oil Spill Centre (AMOSC) and the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA).

In his welcome address Mr Gerry Hueston, President of BP Australia, stressed the importance of cooperation between industry and authorities in responding to marine oil spills.

'The theme of this conference is partnership in practice', said Mr Hueston. 'The oil industry fully supports this. The oil industry has long recognised the benefits that a partnership approach between Government and industry can bring to delivering the best possible environmental outcomes in any area of our business.'

'The Australian oil industry is committed to safe and environmentally sound practice in its operations', said Mr Hueston. 'The industry has programs in place to minimise the risk of environmental harm - whether this is by spill, leakage, discharge or emission - in all areas of its operations.'

AMOSC is at the forefront of the industry response to any marine oil spill.

AMOSC is financed by ten AIP member companies. Together, these companies account for the vast majority of oil and gas production, offshore pipeline, terminal operations and tanker movements around the Australian coast. AMOSC manages a major stockpile of response equipment, located in Geelong, and is able to respond 24 hours a day to a spill anywhere around the Australian coast. It also provides a source of trained manpower and expertise, and access through a voluntary mutual aid arrangement to equipment stockpiles owned by individual companies.

The AMOSC operations are fully integrated into the National Plan to Combat Pollution of the Sea by Oil. The National plan is managed by AMSA for the Federal, State and Northern Territory governments and the oil and shipping industries.

'Through this partnership approach to oil spill prevention and response, we believe that Australia has the best marine oil spill prevention and response capability that could be realistically achieved,' said Mr Hueston.

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