Oil Industry Supports Phase Out Of Leaded Petrol

Oil Industry Supports Phase Out Of Leaded Petrol

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15 Mar 2000
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The oil industry today supported the announcement by the Federal Minister for the Environment Robert Hill that leaded petrol would be phased out nationally by 1 January 2002.

'The oil companies will be introducing lead replacement petrol progressively in each State, in consultation with State authorities, to meet the target phase out date', said Jim Starkey, Executive Director of AIP.

Lead replacement petrol has already been introduced into Western Australia, and will be in place in Queensland by March 2001.

Those pre-1986 vehicles that need leaded petrol will be able to purchase the lead replacement petrol at service stations from the old leaded petrol bowsers, and will be clearly labelled.

Vehicles using lead replacement petrol should not experience any change in engine performance. Lead replacement petrol will have the same octane rating as leaded petrol, with an additive providing the engine protection previously supplied by the lead content of the leaded petrol.