Downstream Petroleum

Downstream Petroleum

Publication date
12 Sep 2017
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AIP produces a publication "Downstream Petroleum" on the state of the Australian downstream petroleum industry and its financial performance. The report provides a concise overview of recent developments in petroleum refining and marketing in Australia and the Asian region. The report highlights the challenges and competitive pressures facing the Australian industry and its importance to Australia's economic performance and energy security.

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  1. AIP Mission and Objectives
  2. Message from the AIP Chairman
  3. Australian Liquid Fuel Supply and Demand
  4. International and Asian Refining
  5. Financial performance of AIP Members
  6. Economic contribution of the Industry
  7. Australian refinery competitiveness
  8. National fuel quality standards
  9. Biofuels and alternative fuel
  10. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
  11. Maintaining supply security and reliability
  12. The international crude oil and product markets
  13. The Australian wholesale fuels market and prices
  14. The Australian retail fuels market
  15. Environment health and safety