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The Covenant is a voluntary initiative by Government and Industry to reduce the environmental effects of packaging. It is designed to minimise the environmental impacts arising from the disposal of used packaging, conserve resources through better design and production processes and facilitate the re-use and recycling of used packaging materials. The Covenant establishes a framework for the effective life cycle management of consumer packaging that will be delivered through a collaborative approach.

Companies, government agencies and industry associations sign the Covenant and commit to certain responsibilities which contribute to achieving the Covenant Performance Goals and KPI’s. Anyone involved in the packaging supply chain is invited to sign the Covenant.

All signatories to the Covenant recognise that a co-operative approach between industry and all spheres of government is essential to achieving national consistency in the lifecycle management of packaging and the implementation of sustainable kerbside collection systems.

AIP and its Member Companies involved in lubricant production/blending have developed and revised Action Plans covering used plastic lubricant containers. The first Action Plan was submitted to the Australian Packaging Covenant in December 2001 and subsequent plans have been submitted and accepted.

The Action Plan contains an important commitment to be undertaken by AIP and its Member Companies in collection and recycling of the containers. AIP and its Member Companies are now working to implement this commitment.

Australian Packaging Covenant Plan Download

AIP's latest annual Australian Packaging Covenant Report can be downloaded here:

Australian Packaging Covenant Annual Report Download

For more information about the Australian Packaging Covenant, including a full list of signatories, visit the APC website at


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